Vigna degli Estensi is the daylight dream born of Stefano's passion for good wines. He started as a geologist; he approached wine culture by attending AIS seminars, and achieving the “AIS sommelier” title. Passion then took complete control of his life, as he started and fulfilled a full doctoral course of studies on “Viticulture and oenology” at Alma Mater University in Bologna.
With the partnership of the wife Laura and the sister in law Laura, “Villa d’Este” agricultural company was founded. The name “Este” honors associates' hometown, Ferrara, ancient capital of the Estense dynasty. In the meantime, Stefano keeps growing his experience as oenologist in several important vine-growing and wine-making farms in Marche end Emilia Romagna regions. In 2013 summer "Vigna degli Estensi" has been registred as trademark.
The mission is clear: quality of the product gracefully blended with respectful development of the environment. To achieve this goal, Stefano taps into his knowledge to exploit the latest technologies in accordance with the traditional processes.

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