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Every SATURDAY the winery is open to welcome you!

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You  will be able to discover our cellar and observe the production proccess of unique wines made with passion and tecnique.

I'm Stefano, the owner and wine-maker.

I will guide you in visiting and tasting our wines. I speak italian or english.

Discover the experience...

I'll tell you why I changed my life "kicking" everything I did before...

You will know why I chose the Marche hills to realize my dream... 

You will be able to share a unique experience, it doesn't matter if you've already been to other wineries or not!

During the sensory journey you will be able to walk through the vineyards or, if you prefer, to look them from our panoramic terrace.

I will show you the cellar, the technoligical instruments and the ancient charm of the barrel room.

You can ask me all the questions you want, I will answer with great pleasure!  

And than you will taste four representative wines with the best gastonomic combinations.

If you will like the experience you can take some photos and, if you would like it, you can publish them on your social networks and tag them. In this case you will receive a nice gift!

Do you want to know something else? Call me at +39 340 3726021 or send me a WhatsApp message, it will be a pleasure to answer you!

Online reservation

Book the visit in time and you will receive a confirmation email. The reservation will be confermed ONLY when you will have the confirmation email.

I remind you that the reservation is REQUIRED and you have to come on saturday. If you have other needs, call me at +39 340 3726021.

The cost of the guided tour with tasting is 20 euros per person.

You will pay in the winery also using ATM, credit card or Satispay.

We can welcome up to 40 people at the same time. We can organize different visits for larger groups.

Up to 10 cars can access the internal parking. Coaches can also access.

French language 

Réservation en ligne

Réserve maintenant ta visite et nous te confirmeront par mail. Ta réservation est confirmé SEULEMENT lorsque tu auras reçu le mail de confirmation. 

La réservation est OBLIGATOIRE et les visites ont lieu les samedis. Besoin des infos supplémentaires? Appelle moi au +39 340 3726021.

Le prix de la visite guidée avec dégustation est de 20 euros par personne.

Paiements acceptés : carte bleue, satispay, espèce, carte de crédit.

Nous pouvons accueillir jusqu'à 35-40 personnes mais, si vous êtes plus nombreux, nous pouvons organiser plusieurs visites.

Le parking privé peut recevoir jusqu'à 10 voitures et il est accessible même aux bus.